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Seven Challenges

Community Based Services

The purpose of this initial face-to-face meeting is to determine the need for services, to establish or confirm a diagnosis and to provide the basis for development of an effective treatment plan. This assessment includes a bio-psychosocial interview and review of relevant psychological, medical, and educational records.

To provide the client with redirection and modeling of appropriate behaviors in order to enhance his or her functioning within their home or community. The client’s plan of care should determine the focus of this service (0-21).


To enable the family or caregiver (parent, guardian, custodian or persons serving in a caregiver role) to serve as a knowledgeable member of the client’s treatment team and to develop and/or improve the ability of families or caregivers to appropriately care for the client.

A interpersonal, relational intervention directed towards increasing an individual’s sense of well-being and reducing subjective discomforting experience. IT may be psychotherapeutic and/or therapeutically supportive in nature. Psychosocial Rehabilitation Behavior Modification


Involves a small therapeutic group that is designed to produce behavior change. The group must be a part of an active treatment plan and the goals of group therapy must match the overall treatment plan for the individual beneficiary. Group therapy requires a relationship and interaction among group members and a stated common goal.