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Targeted Case Management

targeted caseCase Management is a service that assists consumers with developmental disabilities in gaining access to needed State Plan services as well as needed medical, social, educational and other services. Case Managers are responsible for ongoing monitoring of the provision of services included in the individual’s Person Centered Plan.

Case Managers shall initiate and oversee the process of assessment and reassessment of the individual’s level of care are and the review of Person Centered Plan. Additionally, Case Management, for the purpose of discharge planning, may be provided while the recipient is in a hospital if it does not duplicate discharge planning activities and is provided within 30 days prior to the recipient’s discharge from the hospital or 60 days prior to discharge from a state or community ICF/MR.

Case Management involves locating, obtaining, coordinating, and monitoring social, habilitative, and medical services as well as other services and supports related to maintaining the person’s health, safety, and well-being in the community. Primary responsibilities include:• Obtaining input from the person/providers/significant others about the service delivery process and seeking information in an effort to obtain needed services/supports on behalf of the person;

  • Facilitating person-centered planning, circle of friends, mini-planning teams, revising the Plan as needed and submitting the Plan for LME authorization.
  • Informing significant others about the person’s situation and the case manager’s efforts on behalf of the person with the consent of the person/legally responsible person
  • Locating and coordinating sources of help so that the individual receives available natural and community supports.
  • Completing application forms to assist in receiving community and other formal service support.
  • Facilitating the service delivery process, including CAP/MR/DD beginning with intake/initial assessment and including the identification and procurement of services, on-going monitoring of care and services, and the annual re-evaluation of the individual’s needs and services.
  • Monitoring the individual’s situation to assure quality care as well as the continued
    appropriateness of services.

A service order for targeted Case Management for developmental disabilities must be completed by a physician, licensed psychologist, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner according to their scope of practice prior to or on the day that the services are to be provided.

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