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Substance Abuse Services

substancePrimary Care Solutions offers family oriented, community based substance abuse services. Our services are provided by well trained trauma informed staff implementing trauma informed care. PCS substance abuse program serves both adolescents ages 12-17 and adults.

All Primary Care Solutions, Inc. consumers will receive a comprehensive clinical assessment before beginning services. Treatment recommendations will be made based on that assessment; therefore, not all consumers will start at the first level (the most intensive level). It is Primary Care Solutions, Inc. expectations that the adolescents’ families or identified caregivers and natural supports will participate in treatment on some level (i.e. parent sessions, meetings, family sessions, etc.). 

Adolescent Services
The adolescent program is based on the evidenced based practice of the Seven Challenges Model where adolescents are encouraged to make fully informed decisions about their substance use while addressing their mental health issues. The adolescent services include:
*Comprehensive Clinical Assessments
*Outpatient Groups
*Individual Therapy
*Intensive In-Home Services
*Residential Services
*Family Therapy
*Parenting Groups
*Parent Consultations
*Case Management

Research shows the importance of family and natural support involvement in the treatment of adolescents. In an effort to increase the success of our adolescents, parent involvement is required.
Adult Services
Our adult substance abuse services continue to grow as we current provide the following services:
*Outpatient Counseling
*Family Therapy
*Community Support Team

Seven Challenges

Program Concept
The Seven Challenges has been proven successful in independent national research studies in reducing drug use, including a statistically significant reduction in aggressive behavior and improvements in mental health measures. This evidence-based program is compatible with Primary Care Solutions, Inc treatment program in that it begins the process with youth on their personal level, not where others wish they would be.

Working through The Seven Challenges helps adolescents understand what needs they are meeting by using drugs, what harm they are causing, what risk they are taking, and What it entails to give up a drug-using lifestyle.
This new program raises consciousness, inspires hope, and motivates informed, internally-driven, sincere decisions to change.
To succeed in working with youth, the Primary Care Solutions, Inc. staff places special emphasis on creating a climate of mutual respect within which individuals can talk openly and honestly about themselves.

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