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Supported Employment

Our Supported Employment Program has dedicated employees ready to assist and serve our consumers who have a strong desire to work. We support and encourage independence and responsibility so our consumers can truly benefit from our services. We serve both adult and adolescent clients from ages14 and up that fall under the developmental disabilities and mental health population.PCS utilizes person centered planning to focus on what job best fits our consumer’s interest and ability to complete all tasks that are required based on the consumer’s skills assessment. The skills addressed are as follows:
Interviewing Team work
Resume development Employee etiquette
Filling out applications Education of employer
Communication and Social Skills Professionalism
Good work habits
Work Adjustment training
Work adjustment training is a vocational rehabilitation (VR) service that can be provided during an eligible individual’s rehabilitation program to assist the individual in developing work skills, work habits, and job retention skills required to obtain and maintain employment. Work adjustment training includes activities to improve and increase productivity, attendance, punctuality, ability to work with others, ability to work under supervision, and work tolerance.

This program is designed for eligible individuals who are ready to work (Status 20), but require intensive job placement services and initial on-the-job supports to be successful in employment. All services such as medical, adjustment to blindness, low vision and access technology, safe travel skills training (outside learning safe travel at the job site) and training services must be completed prior to referral for this service. This program does not provide on-going support services, such as those provided through a Supported Employment Services (SES) (SE). A referral cannot be made to the CRP for job placement services only. Community-based employment will be competitive integrated employment in a business in the community and is outside any type of community rehabilitation facility.

Community Based Assessments
The purpose of a Community Based Assessment (CBA) is to “get to know the person” in order to assist them in obtaining a satisfying job in the community. A CBA is used to:
Identify the appropriate support a person needs to maintain a job
Determine a person’s preferences, desires and needs
Eliminate fear, build self-confidence and motivation
Evaluate different work environments
Explore “real work” jobs away from a sheltered work setting.

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